Ruby Tuesday # 6 : The Ad

My niece photography when we ate our dinner in one of the restaurant here in our place. This ad reminds me of the Internet Cafe I used to go to before; it was a horrible experience indeed. It was a fine day and I was sitting at one of their cubicle, my friend at work whom I used to be my neighbor before told me to bring the small package that her friend sent for her and she will just get it at home. I was so confident it will not lost so I brought it, I told her I will dropped by at the Internet Cafe to update my shutterfly account before going home so she said she will just go to my house the next morning. I thought there’s nothing important inside the package since it is a big no no to insert money in an ordinary package through post office. When I got home that night, I found out that I left the package that I inserted in the envelope, I hurriedly called the in charge if I left something there, and he confirmed it was there.

The next day, I went there to claim the left items but to my surprised it took them a while to locate the folder and when it was finally found, the small package was not there anymore. Do you know the feeling that you are really sure that one of the staff took it by the looks and the person’s action? I believe he knew who got the package so he told me he would ask his workmate where they put the package. He told me it is better for me to go back in the afternoon but when I got back, they immediately denied they got the package and maybe a customer took it. I was then asking them how an envelope could be separated with the package while the package was inside it. Well in short, I and my friend went to the police station to ask for help but still they denied it, they are pushing that ad in the Internet Cafe, that if ever something is lost inside their cafe, they are not liable to it.

I was really devastated at that time, I mean how in the world could I pay the money inside the package? But I guess what goes around, comes around because in the following months, the Internet Cafe has been caught by using fakes microsoft software. And the friend of my friend understood my situation at that time, she did not ask me to pay for the lost package.

My entry for Ruby Tuesday!

Ruby Tuesday

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  1. Ouch, kakahiya takaga mg thieves dyan sa tin…

    Sis West Virginia nga pala kami and not Virginia, so medyo malayo kami sa Maryland. It's a 4 hour drive from MA to W.VA..

  2. hay…cla cla lang ang kumuha nun sis…buti nga sa kanila at nkarma…

    anyway sis, nice shot for ruby

  3. Ooh my gid.. that was a sad story sis Anne… 🙁 I guess they're the one got it and thanks God that your friend didn't let you pay for it. Ooh well, it's not your fault anyway.. it's a unfortunate coincident and place as well.. and yeah what goes around comes around.. haay noh? And by the way, that's a great shot of ruby sis.. Have a great Ruby Tuesday (despite of the horrible reminisced story you had)!

    Here's My Ruby Tuesday: Red Bougainvillea Flowers and Etc… see yah.. 😉

  4. Hi Cacai, yung nga eh pati din yata restaurant nila lugi na pero its still open kaya lang wala na masyadong kumakain

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