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Happy Mother’s Day To All The Mom!

I just want to greet all the Moms in the world a Happy Mother’s Day!
Being a Mom is not that easy but because we got all the smiles from our kids, our hard work during the day has been paid off. We always has the tough job because we always running around to take good care all the things at home, including of waiting for the garbage truck to collect all the garbage at home as early as 6:00 a.m., so we could throw some bags of trash. We are on duty 24 hours without day offs especially when our kids got sick. When we go to the mall, we always look for our kids stuff first without minding ours anymore, sometimes we just forget all about ourselves just to make sure our love ones got everything. We worried too much when one of our kids are not home yet, we don’t sleep as soon as we know that they are fine. We are always the handkerchief when they need to cry, we got hurt big time when they’re in pain yet we have to be strong so we would be a fortress for them.
Being a Mom is never easy, in fact it has never been. Our Mom has experienced all the good and bad times with us when we were still a child but because of them we learned to be a good Mom. Although I never shared much things with my Mom, I believe she was a good Mom because I believe I am to my kids, I believe she was the sweetest Mom because my kids are all so sweet to me. I am so lucky, I have kids who would always put a smile on my face, I have a little monster who always bothered me for a milk everytime I get too busy, I have an eldest daughter who would always say she would pay the bill when she grows up, I am so lucky I have Faith and Mj who would always be my princesses and who love me until the very end.
Once again Kudos to all the Mom out there!


  • Mommy Rubz

    Happy Birthday Mommy Anne! Thanks for the visit. I grabbed your badge already and placed it on my gallery. You can grab my badge or just add me to your blogroll. No worries! 🙂

  • anne

    Hi Mommy Rubz I will add you first thing tomorrow yet ha? kasi 1 am na promise first thing tomorrow talaga thanks

  • Hair Flowers

    The first time I was pregnant my husband wanted some "me time before the baby" and he went out of town on Mother's Day.. It really, really hurt my feelings even though technically I wasn't a mother I was still pregnant. His mother called him and yelled at him…!

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