Tummy Aches Ouch!

My eldest daughter suffers again from stomachache this morning; she was moaning and crying while she lies in bed. One of the parents told me to expect them to suffer from stomachache since the muscles are starting to stretch because they swam so hard this week for their finals. She suggested rubbing efficascent oil to her tummy so that would fade away the pain.
When we went to the mall, she complained about her throat, it was so dry. I told her to buy bottled water nearby as I was falling in line to the cashier counter. Good thing when we were on our way, she said her throat was a bit alright. I know she still have to so many things she wound encounter ahead, she must be ready for some new exposure as she would learn the different strokes. I hope she could make it.

2 Responses to “Tummy Aches Ouch!”

  1. chubskulit says:

    di pa pwede uminom ng pain reliever after swimming sis?

  2. T.H says:

    hope she gets well soon, if still pain see paed