Swimming Lessons Next Week

Mj is so excited for the next week adventures, who would not be? Her wishes have granted and that is to enroll her for swimming lessons this summer. I already bought them, a swimming cap, goggles, and a swimming trunk for her cousin.
The swimming organization I enrolled her is coordinated by Milo and Blue Marlin Swimming Club International so if the students were able to passed the advance swimming, they will have a chance to compete not only here in the Philippines but in Asia as well.
Mj was only up to the basics, she doesn’t care if she could speed her swimming, she said as long as she knows the basic, she is grateful with it. On the other note, she has many things that need her attention for now, and that is her Kumon. She is already taking the English subject, plus she needs to practice more her multiplication from one to twelve using flash cards in Math so she would meet the standard time.

2 Responses to “Swimming Lessons Next Week”

  1. Kasai says:

    Hi Just dropping by 🙂

    I love to enroll my son on swimming lesson too, but i haven,t found one near our place. He is just 1 year old hope you could visit my site too
    My Simple Life

  2. ethanINOSENTE says:

    Wow, great way to spend summer. I was hoping to enroll too kaso walang milo organizers dito samen kaya hinde ko rin maasikaso