Ruby Tuesday # 3 : TGIF

Ruby Tuesday

There’s no TGIF here in Davao, so when we went to Cebu, we visited the TGIF restaurant. How I wish to order their special steak, the one that my hubby ordered when we were in Manila but it is just too expensive and we can’t afford that yet, especially that I just finished the seminar the day before.
We just had a small meal instead and of course the Coke Zero.

My Darling Mj strike a pose because she was so full

Just chillin here, lol

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2 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday # 3 : TGIF”

  1. shydub says:

    I didnt know my TGIF sa cebu pala Anne. aguy ka posing sa dalaga.

    Mine is at

  2. anne says:

    sa ayala mall ung TGIF girl hehehe