PB Weekend : Wedding Album


Last Friday, I messaged the in-charge of the photo studio if my personalized wedding album is already available, my wedding was seven months ago and yet I still did not received my album. They said that they were just so busy and they cannot attain all the package in one time, so I have to wait for how many before I could have it.
Well, it was all worth the wait because I just love it. They really did a good job!

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  1. Neldajay says:

    Anne, u wedding album is pretty. I was in the same situation that my wedding album was not ready that they said to be ready. I have to rushed them so that I can bring it with me here in the US and they did a pretty crappy job. Oh well, what matter most is that I have a souvenir of my very special occasion.

  2. SASSY MOM says:

    Good thing it turned out okay… worth the wait.

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  3. Selina says:

    so nice i love it.

  4. ethanINOSENTE says:

    Wow the album looks great, are those pages hard too like the cover page?

    I saw other albums kase like that has thin glossy photo paper kaya madaling masira

    if you wont mind, can you give me the detail where you got the wedding album, im going to check it out too

  5. Mommy Liz says:

    YOu're right, it's worth the wait..wala akong album ng wedding, dasi wala kaming picture. Who knows baka makapag pakasal uli kami one of these years, hehehehe, sayang kasi ang gastos, sa mga bata na lang..

  6. chubskulit says:

    Wow namiss ko to, pa share naman ng ibang pics hehehe, love the cover gandaa!

  7. AC says:

    wow!!! ganda!!! it's worth the wait naman… ours was very thick… ahaha!!! with 2 volumes pa… hhmmm… I think I better take a pics of them when I get home so I can share here too…
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  8. beach weddings says:

    I have some wedding pictures saved to a CD and I am looking for a place that can make professional wedding albums (we decided not to have our photographer do that since they were charging an arm and a leg for a small wedding album)