Adgitizing and a Message to my Friend

I just registered myself as an Advertiser in adgitize but I wonder why I can’t see my button on the other blog? Where in Adgitize I could find a proof if they really have put it in other blogs? I had been visiting blogs but I don’t know why I can’t find my widget or I just could not see it in the other blog because it is my widget? But in fairness I can see people are coming in to this blog now, so maybe that was served as my proof that they really advertised it. I am just so confused and so new with this whole thing, if you hear me just leave a comment.
Anyway, I just want to thank you all for visiting my humble home here, it has been so long since I didn’t have paid posts of this blog because I have lost my PR long time ago. I know that sucks but this blog could never survive with you all guys so thank you for keeping it alive.
Lastly, before I forget I would like to congratulate my ever friend Claire of my Rendezvous for the date interview on May 15, she just received an email from the embassy about the appointment last night. I am so excited for you girl, few weeks from now you and your husband together with my inaanak Kaegan will be together. Send me some pictures when you are not busy okay? Hehehe

2 Responses to “Adgitizing and a Message to my Friend”

  1. *josie* says:

    hi Mary Anne, just to let you know I was here through Adgi, it means I click your button, so don't worry. 😛

  2. anne says:

    thanks josie, your comment is a big relief that means I was doing the right thing hehehe