Couples Corner : We’re the Best of Friends

My husband aside from my best friend is my best pal ever, I could even tell him about my health conditions. I used not to tell my siblings regarding my health or when could I see a doctor because first and foremost I am afraid to have a regular check up but my husband was the one who always advised me to go to a Doctor.
I guess even were miles apart, he feels the same way also. One time when I just delivered yet Faith and I was so down and so stress, my head was aching big time. He messages me and told me to rest at that day because he needs me. His words inspire me to live that aside from my kids, there’s someone who truly treated me so special.
One day, I encounter a nasty person online, it was too long ago and it’s not here in blogging. He was the one who face the person and told him a remarkable word then left. That person since then never lifted any arguments with me, it was not a long fight though, and we put a period to it.
There are many instances that I could call my husband my ever best friend and I hope and pray that we would be always and forever when we are already living in the same roof.

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  1. it's good that you feel each others' care and affection even you're not together. hope you could be together soon.

  2. I am glad na kahit magkalayo kau eh best of friends kau, kasi it's very important in a relationship yung open kau sa isa't isa and that you care deeply for each other. Eventually, magkakasama na ku, and you will always be the best of friends.

  3. He really is the one that is meant for you for life sis.. Konting tiis na lang at magkakasama na rin kayo.. How far are you na ba with your papers?

  4. it should be like that for the rest of ur lives kay para naku lang no wa jud lain taw imong kasaligan or andam mo sapopo nimo imo ra bana! waz oi sulti ra gani ko waz ko ga emote ha

  5. aww… talagang sya ang nakipag away noh? ang sweet! and you have to build that closeness kahit na malayo kayo sa isa't isa para hindi na mahirap mag adjust pag magkasama na kayo…

  6. Naka-relate naman ako dito, Ate Anne πŸ™‚ It's tough being away from each other, but we'll just have to find ways to make up to it and make the most out of every moment there is..

    It's good to know you have each other all the time; as husband and wife, and of course, as the best of friends πŸ˜‰ at least, knowing you got each other's back gives you the security and comfort that everything is all right..Sarap ng feeling na asawa mo na, best friend mo pa πŸ˜‰

  7. sana magkasama na kayo at ma-enjoy nyo na ang isa't isa.. I admire you so much kasi napaka-sweet mo.. I hope he also reads your blogs =) ang saya nya siguro.. Have a nice weekend =)

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