Stayed Late at Korean Restaurant

I can’t believe we stayed late outside with the kids today. After church we went to a Korean Restaurant where my cousin has told us always, she came to see us at the church so it was not hard for us to locate the restaurant. I didn’t know that all of the foods including their side dish were spicy. Well, except for the fish of Faith, the fish that we all had emptied. We ordered a samgyupsal and Korean rice, samgyupsal has to be covered by a lettuce with garlic, a certain sauce, oil and a tomato, I thought since it has veggies in it that would not be that delectable, I couldn’t believe that it would be taste like heaven.
My cousin aware us that the price would be not that affordable so I was not that surprised when I saw the bill, well my cousin paid the exist of it. So I should thank her for the gesture, till next time dear cousin. Hehehe

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