For the love of their Mom

I grew without a mother on my side, she died when I was young but that never restrain me not to be a good mom to my kids. I always make sure that they are alright when I have to leave home and always worried when my eldest is not at home yet from school. Sometimes I have fears that I might lost them whether at church or in the mall, I guess that’s just normal for a mom to feel that way, in today’s cruel world, we must really protect our kids from a possible harm.
But what if someone you trust was the one who would prevent you to have your kids, or what if one of your kids had taken away from you? Would you just leave it because the one, who has your kids, is your husband? Maalala mo Kaya tonight has captured my heart again for featuring how a Mom did her best just to have her kids back from her husband who battered her when she was still living with him. Even though it was dangerous for her to go back and could have been the cause of her death, she still went to the place where her kids are just to get them.

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  1. Your children are your treasure and whatever and however your raise them will have a huge impact on them so it is very important that we show them how we love them as much as we could..

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