Couples Corner : Our Days at Work

When I was still working as a call center agent, since we worked at the same time, like when I worked at 8:00 p.m., he was also at work at that time so he often messaged me through phone. And some of his message from 2007 was stored in my folder of my phone, here they are:
“Sun shines in the day, the moon and stars at night but you shine in my heart.”
“Until the end of time, you will be mine to love and hold. No matter what life holds for you and Mj and Darna are my life.” (we used to call Faith, Darna when I was still pregnant)
“The joy of you, makes me smile, though we are separated by miles. Knowing you are there keeps me young and I will be with you when all is done.”
“In winter I met you heart, in spring our love bloomed, in summer I saw you my love and in autumn I prayed to get married with you.”
Those messaged were one of the few he sent me and now since I didn’t work at all, he still message me in YM and asked how was our evening and all, he also called us to talk with the kids. I just hope that this separation won’t be long, we are just sick and tired being miles apart and just see each other twice in a year.

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  1. Na sad naman ako at magkalayo kau. Being far away from each other didn't hinder you from loving each other. It will be soon na magkakasama na rin kau. Thanks for joining.

  2. Ang sweet naman, yaan mo sis pag magkasama na kayo maiibsan na ang longing nyo for each other.. Mine is at Nostalgic..

  3. oh so sweet messages, hehe Darna diay angga sa imong little girl sis katong naa pa sa imo tummy…na-miss naku ang topic sa CC yesterday…

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