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The Queen of the Waves

Yesterday, right after I visited other blogs. I told my eldest daughter to play the Barbie the Mermaid Tale that we bought the other day. Mj is a big fan of Barbie, she had some research about Barbie and stuff so no wonder that she knew, Barbie has a new 3D movie. The title is Barbie, A Mermaid Tale. She was my story teller when the movie starts, of course she already watched it the other night, and already had some glimpse in the Barbie website, she even played some games related to this movie.

My youngest daughter is I think, would follow her Ate Mj’s footsteps, whenever her Ate is in front of the computer, she would climb so hard at her Ate Mj’s lap and together they would giggle and smiling with the music on that website. They even danced together while imitating the danced steps of the song entitled “The Queen of the Wave” call me weird but I can’t help banging my head a bit and stamping my foot with that tune as well, I can’t help to say yes, I am still in love with Barbie, haha!

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