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Couples Corner : When We Watch Movie Together

I and my husband always shared some interests and one of them are watching a movie. Whenever he is here, he always find sometime to watch a movie with us and mostly with my two nieces, nephews, daughters and I.
The first time we watched a movie was when he was here the first time also, that was May 2007. I didn’t understand much of the movie because besides it was a hard English, very slang and all that, hehehe it was a series film. Have you seen The Pirates of the Caribbean? Its a movie that is if you did not watch the part 1, you never will understand the part 2 and the part 3, so I was like asking him the whole time at the movie. Good thing, he was so patient to answer all of my questions but I still don’t understand it in the end. The story was so confusing that until now even how many times it was showed in TV, I still can’t keep what was really the story all about, lol.
There was one time, when I just gave birth and I have to rest at the hotel where we stayed, he was planning to watch a movie together with my niece Mariel and MJ. My niece was a bit worried when she learned I can’t go with them, she said how could she communicate with my husband when she has to speak in English, lol. Well, Mj was okay; she said she could talk to her dad so well.
My husband loves science fiction movies; he loves movies that are related to stars and universe. I am not much into that but I watched sometimes with him when it is showed in TV at the hotel. But he could cope up romance and or kiddie movies, so whatever we go he goes. He doesn’t complain if it is too much cartoon or too much dramatic. We even watched Roswell together when I was so hooked up with it.

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