I love dogs, in fact we had one when I was a little and cried so hard when he died. So every time there’s a dog stars in a movie, I would always watch it in DVD or in cinema. Just like Hachi a dog’s tale that is so loyal to his deceased master. The movie is based on true story the difference is that the movie was shoot in Rhode Island while it happens actually in Sibuya, Japan.
The movie started in the train station where the puppy was lost, and when he tried to locate his master, he found Parker, a professor. The professor tried to help the dog, posting fliers all over the town but it seems like the dog would stick with him forever, so even though his wife was a bit against of it, he let him stayed for a week until someone would love to own a special breed kind a dog. His wife realized it later that a pal would never be bad inside their home, so Parker and his wife, agreed to adopt the dog, then named the dog Hachi, as they found a name tag on his neck when he saw him in the station.
Every morning Hachi would accompany his master to the Train station and fetch him up at 5:00 p.m., it has been a routine for them until something happen to the professor; he got a heart attack at school. But the dog never left the place, until the husband of Parka’s daughter fetch him up. The professor died in an instant, the daughter took the dog yet the dog doesn’t want to move on, every day he would escape from them and would go to the train station, until the daughter give him in, she let him go. So Hachi was always around the town, waiting for his master to come home. He was always in the place where he always waited for his master and when the night comes, he would just sleep nearby, under a parked train. It has been 9 years that his master rested in peace but the loyal Hachi never get tired of waiting for his master until he dies on 1935.
You may want to read the true story of Hachiko here in Shibuya Japan. When I read it in Wikipedia sure it is differ from the movie, but the message was just right, you would find yourself crying, how loyal this dog can be. Maybe just maybe no other dog can wait for his master that long.

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