They need us to pray for them too

Although Faith was so handful at the church today, I was still able to listen what the priest wanted to relay in the homily. Thanks for the toy car that her cousin brought at the church and she was able to divert her attention and not bothering us around or roaming around in the church.

The priests are the one who had given the task to tell the whole world about the good news and because of that, we admire them so much and we respect them and all that. Sometimes we forget that they are also human like us, they have feelings and emotions, and that means they have weaknesses too. Yes, they prayed for us, they even celebrate with us during Christmas Mass, during festival, baptismal and weddings, but neither did we think that whenever we would go to each of our home, they are alone in their room. It is great to be in service, I am sure when they serve people they gave it all their heart. But have we thought that they need to be prayed over too? They wanted us to pray for them so they would have all the strength and the pureness so they could relay their best the word of GOD to us.

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