When True Kissed Felt

These past few days, I have done nothing but to watch TV, [for me watching TV like four hours are truly a miracle to me, because you can always see me not there but in front of my computer when the kids are busy or sister Merlyn is just around]. Well after the Gilmore Girls ended yesterday afternoon, I was hooked up watching the Disney Channel with my kids today, after the many cartoons showed in that channel, here comes the Enchanted Kingdom. I never thought it was that lovely, I should have watched it long time ago at the previous house, but nah, I was really busy with doing my stuff online. Enchanted Kingdom was about finding your prince charming and since that is always the routine in the fantasy world, finding one true love was forgotten.

During the wedding of Giselle and Prince Edward, the wicked witch blocked her along the way and sent her to the world where a happy ending doesn’t exist and that is the reality. But Giselle didn’t lose hope, she knew her prince Edward would come to rescue her in the world that is so strange at all for her. But she met Robert, the person who taught her what real life, and the date and the getting to know stage. That somehow Giselle disagreed because when true kissed felt, no date would be done and that the next day after you met the person, you could hear the ring of a bell that instant. For Robert happy ending doesn’t exist and in any prospective way Giselle taught him that the happy ending does exist

Prince Edward came for her princess Giselle but something has changed, Giselle is falling in love with Robert, who had a daughter that she loves so dearly. How could she go to Prince Edward while her heart wanted to stay around with Robert?

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