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Couples Corner: Gestures

Gesture – means;
  1. A motion of the limbs or body made to express or help express thought or to emphasize speech.
  2. The act of moving the limbs or body as an expression of thought or emphasis.
  3. An act or a remark made as a formality or as a sign of intention or attitude: sent flowers as a gesture of sympathy.
Alright since we are only seeing not most of the time, the sweetest gesture that he has done on me when I was just gave birth to Faith, he did his part on taking good care of Faith even waking up late at night to wait for me while I was trying to let Faith asleep. He also hugged me so tight when I feel like I am getting very cold from the aircon. He would buy foods for me when I feel like just staying in the hotel and he always makes sure I was alright.
There was one time that he got here so sick, he was coughing so hard. I would always make sure that he got his medicine on time although I have to wake up in the wee hours just to give him the medicines; I still had to do that. Hugging him and kissing him while he is sleeping are the bonus, hehehe.

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  • Mommy Liz

    Hi Anne, pasensiya na at now lang ako nagka free time. Alam mo, di naman need na matagal kayong mag ksama para makapag show kau ng sweetness sa isa't isa, anything na ginagawa nyo to make your partner happy eh sweet gestures na yun. Di bale ilang panahon na lang at magkakasama na kau.

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