PB Weekend: On our way to a friend’s house

Yes, you could not see me posting an update every Sunday since I would treat that day as my rest day and my bonding time with my kids. Unless if I have some task I need to post, that is the time yet you could see an update.

On the other note, since it is Monday today and its Pixel Bug weekend time, I have to share to you what we had been so busy with this weekend.

Eating fried chicken in Mandarin Restaurant, on our way to visit a friend and to return the dress that my sister borrowed.

Me and my kids waiting for our order to serve

My kids before heading to church

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4 thoughts on “PB Weekend: On our way to a friend’s house

  1. nice sis.. cute nyo..
    mukha naman enjoy kayu eh,,

    i hoope u can visit my PBW post too.

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