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So Full

I am so full right now, I can’t even breath, the food that my sister Merlyn cook was so tempting, it was magnificently cook and I just can’t resist it. We supposed not to eat dinner already since we were already full this afternoon at the restaurant we hopped in before going to the friend of Sister Merlyn to return the dress that she borrowed but when we smell the food she was cooking, we just got our plate and spoon ready and just eat that all, we just left Faith some since she slept when we arrived home.

We all had fun especially Faith when we were at Doc Tess home, she made some friends there and Mj as well. While we were talking about some stuff, Mj and our friend’s son played chess. And Faith was giggling with the niece, they were seriously playing hide and seek. I could hear her laugh from the bedroom. At 5:30 p.m., we went home, my youngest daughter doesn’t want to go home yet, she even said bye bye to us instead of them.

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