Today and Later

Thank God I slept well and long last night, right after I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at HBO, I and Mj joined Faith [who slept earlier than us] to our bed. I am also thankful that it rained last night; I guess it was so heavy because I could hear the rain drops hardly pouring in our roof. As you see, we haven’t experience rain here for how many weeks now.

While the kids were watching TV this morning after they woke up, I hurriedly prepared our breakfast since Faith is asking me again to eat at Jollibee, it is too early as that and she is so ready to have a taste of chicken there in Jollibee, I told her we could do that on Sunday yet though. I fried some French Fries that Faith’s face was all surrounded by ketchup when she is dipping the French fries to it.

I have to hurry now yet though because it is my turn to prepare for lunch, so I could call the Kumon then we could get to shop some foods for the house and have a dinner with Ate Julie tonight.

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