Sacrifice For Love Ones

Rodliz’s Nest

While riding in the cab here I am taking the opportunity to write something about today’s theme for Couples Corner. Sacrifice, there are many things to describe what sacrifice is and causes why you have to sacrifice, let’s say a Mom have to work so hard so she has to leave the kids at home with Nanny, a total stranger that only our faith could make us feel comfortable that our kids are safe with them, phone call every minute in the office to check whether the kids are safe and or was not crying because the Nanny did not take good care of them.
Mj grew up with just a Nanny around. I have to do that to support her needs, I have many experienced having just a nanny for my eldest daughter, some were thieves and some has a health issue that I didn’t know. If only I just had a choice before not to go to work but what can I do? Nobody ever supported us before.
So when I gave birth to my youngest and my husband gave me some options, I decided to stop working. And yes it was a bit sacrifice for me because I had been working like a log in my entire life and I was used to do the same routine for a long time now but I have to leave those all behind because I have kids I needed to attain to, and I was not wrong to choose what I have to choose, because I have all the time with my kids every minute of the day.
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