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Tummy is growling now so hard

My tummy is growling now, but I still could not stop myself in front of the computer, well this is the result of a free internet in the room. I am not using my Smart bro USB now and I save a lot of bucks because of the free connection in the bedroom. How I wish all hotels and Inns are offering such free Internet in the rooms, so they won’t go to an Internet café anymore.

Mj would love to go to the pool, I supposed not to let her since we did not bring swimsuits for her but you know that’s the only thing she could be happy with, well aside from the Nintendo and The Disney Channel in TV, I guess I would grant her request. I bought her a new but cheap swimsuit yesterday and a new dress for my darling little angel Faith.

I have to go now folks, I am really starving now. I can’t wait anymore for a minute or two. Good morning everyone and Good evening to some of you.

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