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I Miss My Baby

I am here now in Cebu and I just talked with my baby a while ago, good thing that I have my laptop repaired going here, it really helps me a lot communicating with Faith. She was calling me Mama and pointing me on the web cam, I didn’t know that I could talk even without a headset with this laptop, I just found it now.

Mj is here busy playing with her Nintendo; we just ate our lunch here in the hotel we stayed, while talking with Faith. She was so busy for a while trying to mess what was in front of her, she even reach out in the webcam. She was smiling so wide and said “Ate! Ate!” when she saw her Ate Mj on the webcam, waving at her, Mj told her immediately that she misses her and she loves her. Faith answered “Ayamu” sometimes she uttered “Yabu” that’s “I love you” for her.

I miss my baby, good thing I have a new video, I uploaded yesterday in the You Tube, this was at the party held at school.


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