Blogging Inside The Taxi Cab

Just because I want to visit other blogs today, I am now dealing with bumpy cab while typing, guess what? I survive although I can’t seem to write properly because whenever I pressed one key my fingers would hit the other one. How I wish we would encounter a heavy traffic so I could type properly and that I would not end up getting a headache.

Yes, I finally bought a USB Internet this afternoon, when we were on our way to the Kumon. The reason why I was able to update this blog and wrote some assignments and Meme’s such as the Mommy Moments and Couples Corner, It is really so convenient for having an Internet connection wherever you go because a lot of ideas will just come up in my mind.

I have to park my keyboard now folks as we are already near at the subdivision where we live; I’ll be back later to continue my visit.

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  1. I appreciate your interest to keep blogging all the time…

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