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Oh my God! I am just so late of posting the Couples Corner Meme, I am so sorry Mommy Liz it is just things just get so crazy over here again. Anyway since I could still enter my link in MC Linky I guess I could still catch up with the other day’s theme.

Here we go:

When hubby is here with us, we always sleep HHWS (Holding or Hugging while sleeping) sometimes when his arms feel numb at all, he would ask me if he could take his back on me. And when he does that I would be the one to wrap my arms around him. Imagine my husband is such a big guy and I am the one hugging him tight, impossible but it’s not at least for me.

That’s it for now guys, I am in a hurry again I have to take Mj to her Kumon tutorial, Oh I am so excited for her to take the English subject, yes I would add it this summer but we would still continue her doing the Math. So I want you all to wish us luck, oops not me though but her.

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  • Mommy Liz

    Para ko ng nakikita na nakatalikod si Terry tapos yakap yakap mo, minsan ganyan din ako ke Rodney eh, kapag feel kong maglambing. Hehehe.

    Goodluck kay Mj. Thanks for joining kahit late ka na kamo, oks lang yun..

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