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Now this theme makes me miss my husband more, lol. During our first meeting here in our place, we always have all the time to cuddle but when Faith is here already, she always joins us. So we can’t have that mushy mushy goody at all and such, we must do it later when they’re asleep, haha! Naughty me.
Anyway, cuddling is one of those important things we have to put it in mind because when you don’t cuddle to your partner anymore, there should be one good reason why such? Uhmmm, not one good reason but one bad reason now if what it is, you should find it to yourself, why? And why I cannot think of anything to add what is cuddling all about, wahh I am so sleepy but I can’t slipped this theme away, I must have one good post here.

Cuddling is one best way to relax while you are with your partner, well here are some pictures we had.

When we first met

Cuddling with my Faith and Mj kissing her always

I and hubby


  • Mommy Liz

    Wahhhh, ang sarap ng may ka cuddle noh? Mga bata rin kapag magka yapos na kami ng daddy nila, naku eh nadadaganan na ako, sasabihing daddy raw nila yun, ahahhaa. Nawalan na ako ng daddy. Cuddling is very important talga, kasi kapag wala ng cuddle, parang ang lungkot, wahhh..parang di ka na love ni hubster, wahhh uli.

    Thanks for joining this week. Next time naman eh Bedtime Habits..Hmmm…

  • Chie Wilks

    kakamiss talaga pag ala ang hubby to cuddle..pero ok lang yan sis..pagdating nun sulat ang every day mo…sweet photos…!

  • acmumcee

    naku.. i feel for you sis.. i know how much you miss your hubs na.. kame nga 6 mos lang nagkahiwalay, susme! nakakamatay na maghintay araw-araw.. hehe.. it really feels good to be hugged and cuddled by the ones we loved…

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