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So Busy This Morning

Being miles apart from my husband is not that easy, I need to manage my time carefully so we were still able to chat even I’m a bit busy. As Faith woke up early this morning I have to divert her attention not to bug me around while I was cooking, I was quiet successful on that since her favorite TV program was aired early this morning.
Even sister Merlyn is already around for her, she will never stop dragging me from the computer while chatting with Terry. She sometimes wanted me to reach something for her, wanted me to scratch her nose, wanted to sit me beside her. I respond to all that and when she won’t notice me sneaking out from her, I would go immediately to my bedroom to do all my task here including chatting with hubby.

Then she came back to me again, asking me to open her eldest sister’s bedroom. As I was really in a hurry to finish all my assignment here and to chat as well too, I opened her sister’s bedroom and left her there for a while. After like few minutes, these are all she was busy with.

She got those pillows from Mj’s bedroom

Now, she seems composed

Putting the pillows in the floor while watching TV

Lying down


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