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Well, I used to be a person that tells all what’s in my mind and what I feel. So I expect my partner to do the same thing. But maybe there are certain agenda in our lives that we just can’t tell because we are protecting the feelings of the other person in short we don’t want to hurt them. However you think it would give us peace whenever we hid secrets especially to the one we love, I guess not. In some way, we must let it out. On the other hand if it’s for the good of everybody, one must hid that secret and we must just wait until he or she is prepare to tell all things. And that must had been fixed already.

I used to be vulgar before, whatever happens in my life I surely would tell it to all my friends, but there’s one thing I learned as I endeavor life, that sometimes you must know how to keep things in your self, if someone asked what happen? Just tell “Why do you want to know”

Being honest to your partner is really a big deal, but past is past and most often than not it is better to leave it all behind than to tell it to your partner. But if being honest is talking about the present, it is another story. Because the only thing that could make the relationship work is to tell what’s on your mind and your feelings.

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  1. Great post Anne, minsan we cannot really tell our friends everything, unless you know how discreet they are. They can use that secret against you when time comes that you have misunderstanding.

    Telling your spouse what's on your mind can be a great thing also, because it's a way of great communication. Let him know what you feel and so he knows how to act. Same with you, if you know what he feels, then you know what to do. Hiding secrets from one another can only create chaos and can lead to misunderstanding, mis communication and separation. So, better be honest than lose your loved one. Di ba?

  2. 100% agree sis! There are some things that we need to leave unsaid that said.. But still honesty is a big deal for every relationship.

  3. Hi mommy liz I really had goose bumps writing the theme hehehe like the GT gosh nakakathrill ang mga post natin naun wahh

  4. Yeah rose i wonder where u been lol I know all about it rose no problem, problems for internet could be anytime without giving us warning aarrggh

  5. very well said sis….:)

    honestly, we're opposite…ehehehe…I was discreet when I was single…now that I am married…I tend to express my feelings…it feels great kasi…

  6. naku, ako din, i trust very easily.. so kahit ano nakkwento ko.. hanggang sa pag chismisan nalang siguro ako sa pagka open book ng buhay ko.. haha!!!

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