Ruby Tuesday # 1: Racing Car

This is my first time to post for Ruby Tuesday, so guys hop in and please don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks!

Ruby Tuesday

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Just before we took our dinner in SM Cebu, I and Mj had a quiet moment at the Amusement Center; she really had a blast with the racing car that she claimed she could drive a car right after she was done with it.
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PB Weekend: On our way to a friend’s house

Yes, you could not see me posting an update every Sunday since I would treat that day as my rest day and my bonding time with my kids. Unless if I have some task I need to post, that is the time yet you could see an update.

On the other note, since it is Monday today and its Pixel Bug weekend time, I have to share to you what we had been so busy with this weekend.

Eating fried chicken in Mandarin Restaurant, on our way to visit a friend and to return the dress that my sister borrowed.

Me and my kids waiting for our order to serve

My kids before heading to church

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So Full

I am so full right now, I can’t even breath, the food that my sister Merlyn cook was so tempting, it was magnificently cook and I just can’t resist it. We supposed not to eat dinner already since we were already full this afternoon at the restaurant we hopped in before going to the friend of Sister Merlyn to return the dress that she borrowed but when we smell the food she was cooking, we just got our plate and spoon ready and just eat that all, we just left Faith some since she slept when we arrived home.

We all had fun especially Faith when we were at Doc Tess home, she made some friends there and Mj as well. While we were talking about some stuff, Mj and our friend’s son played chess. And Faith was giggling with the niece, they were seriously playing hide and seek. I could hear her laugh from the bedroom. At 5:30 p.m., we went home, my youngest daughter doesn’t want to go home yet, she even said bye bye to us instead of them.

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I met a new friend today

We were so delighted that the rain pour down for three days now yet we are still not spare from having black outs here as it happens again today for two hours. Good thing I don’t have to deal with it at home because I was too busy outside, I sent Mj to Kumon for her Math tutorial. She skipped the two days worksheets at home because I was too tired to come over at Kumon on Wednesday so I was not able to exchange it. She had to spend more likely three hours to finish her pending assignments plus the diagnostic test for English.

Since I and Ate Julie were not able to meet on Thursday, we decided to see each other at the mall today, we were having fun sharing some thoughts and we talked a lot, well mostly the requirements she needs to bring at the seminar, she will be having a seminar the same as mine. And she would go to Cebu for that. Anyway, I know she can make it, getting that certificate is not hard at all, as long as you genuinely answer those questions.

Ate Julie is such a nice lady and I am so happy I was able to make friend with her, thanks to Grace because she introduced me to her.

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