More Than Anything Else

We were on our way to the Kumon when I noticed some sort of program along the way, someone has given a speech so we stopped by to look then suddenly we recognized a politician who would run for a position in the coming election she also had some comments against the opposition.

Right after I sent Mj to her tutor, I went out to hear them out, there were many people around applauding them too and some supporters even some senior citizens were there. When the politician went down I was able to shake her hands, some took some pictures and some just gave her smiles.

How I wish, this coming election will be successful and peaceful, I hope whoever won would not abuse its power instead he should serve the people first more than anything or anyone else.

2 Responses to “More Than Anything Else”

  1. rjs mama says:

    i have the same wish…wawa na country natin

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  2. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope the elections go well.