After Putting The Floor Mat

Right after we installed the floor mat last night, I was already trying to relax at our couch watching the Bottom lines hosted by Boy Abunda. I was there laughing at Melai’s answer and I thought my kids would joined me later, but they did not went out from the bedroom instead I heard them laughing too.
I checked them out what they had been doing inside the room and I found them so cute and giggling in front of the computer. Mj was playing maze, and Faith was cheering her up and if their avatar would be bitten by a ghost or a zombie, Faith would screamed and giggled, she was so enthralled with the game.

Here they are, inside the bedroom

This morning, while I am chatting with hubby, I took the camera out of the drawer when I found them sleeping so close while Faith putting her legs over her Ate Mj’s. It is indeed a very sweet moment that I have to capture them with a picture at that. I hope my kids would grow closer and treat each other not a rivalry but a best friend.

Faith and Mj sleeping together

4 Responses to “After Putting The Floor Mat”

  1. Dhemz says:

    hahahha..cute kaau…nananday si inday…ehehhehe!

  2. Neldajay says:

    They are cute Anne.

  3. anne says:

    hahaha thanks dhemz

  4. anne says:

    Hi neld's salamat, they are the source of my happiness as always