That Boy and my Faith

We went out today to have Faith her Pneumonia Booster, we waited for Mj to arrived home since it’s their exam today and they only took a half day in school. I thought to bring them out since we haven’t gone out together last Sunday.

We took our lunch first at the mall then we headed to their pediatrician right after, Faith was again greeted some parents and kids out there. There was one boy who talked to her, I guess he is only 4 years old, this was their conversation and I thought it was just so sweet and funny.

Faith was lifting a small chair and she said

Faith: Ekus me
Boy: (trying to correct Faith) it’s not Ekus me its excuse me
Faith: (Faith ignored him but said) Hi Friend
Boy: Hello, you sit down
Faith: behave, the baby is behave (pointing a 2 months old baby near them)
The doctor called the boy to get inside his office
Faith: Bye bye
Boy: Bye

The boy went back in the waiting area after the check up, Faith saw her
Faith: Hi friend
Boy: Hi (when they were about to go he said) Bye bye baby
Faith: Bye bye friend muah! (Faith flew him a kiss)
Boy: bye bye (then he flew her a kiss too, but then he went near at Faith and attempted to kiss her on the forehead…but)
Faith: (Faith shook her head immediately and said) No no no no no baby no no no

All the parents laugh at this two sweet kids, the boy did not insist of kissing her, he just turn aback and went to his Mom, so gentleman of him. That’s a good idea of Faith though to refuse him since he had a slight fever.

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