I Am Staying Home Today

Oh my GOD! Where the time did goes? It was so fast, it was only 6:00 a.m., a while ago and now it is almost 12:00 n.n., and yet I have not clean our living room and still did not finish my task here online. How I wish to hold back the time but you know I just can’t as we all have to move now especially me, myself and I.

Faith just woke up, I wonder what’s going on with my baby she just can’t wake up so early nowadays, mind you she was already awake awhile ago but she lie down again after she greeted me Hi Mom! Well, anyway she is now in the living room watching her favorite cartoon. I might also have to say goodbye for now since I have to feed her real quick. Bye bye!

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  1. same here anne, ang time dali ra sad kaayo unya wala pa koy nahuman. dili lang nako damhon ting pick up na sad sa mga kids.

    about sa akong watery wednesday post, taud taud nako nako nga pic. 2005 siguro to anne..

    thanks sa visit and comment

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