PBB Weekend # 14 : Valentines Day

My husband was never given a chance to celebrate the Valentines Day with us, it saddened to both of us though but he had to work and can’t take a vacation yet until April or May, how I wish this separation would come to an end.

Mj and Faith with Jollibee

Anyway, though my husband was not here, I still have the best kids in the world to celebrate the hearts day. It still up to us to enjoy the moment at least with the one you loved around you. Right after church, as planned we headed to the mall to watch The Princess and The Frog as it was I promised to them, we bought a Mister Donut for snack inside the movie house, the muffins I shall say was stored in a heart shape box, which I would take a picture later. Faith can’t just get enough with the chocolate muffin and wanted to have some more, we have to show the empty box so she would stop asking for it. Then we had a great meal at Jollibee, I thought to visit other restaurant but Mj was asking for Jollibee and Faith keeps on pointing her favorite fast food chain of course the Jollibee as well. So the Mom just followed what the kids wanted where to dine with.

Mj after the movie

Dad said Faith is now starting to be a poser lol

I and Faith, she is doing the same thing with the straw again.


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  1. Hi Kero, thanks for the visits, anyway we spent it with fun and laughter but I guess I could be happier if the husband was around sigh

  2. aww… mommy anne, I feel for you.. it's sad, but having your kids around somehow eases the sadness.. i love love Jollibee.. I bet you all had fun.. Belated Happy Valentines!!!

  3. hahaha my kids as well especially the chicken acumzee kaya nga I and their Dad are worried baka kasi we cant pass on na the chicken coz we all love it… hehhe

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