We Would Move Out Tomorrow

Finally, the installer already finished the window grills yesterday but we have a slight problem, geez the hole they made, where we would put up our aircon is so small, our aircon just could not fit in when we tried it today. I have to call the installer yet to inform him the hole was not big enough, to think that he already measure our aircon for it. It was a back job and he had to do it over again as soon as possible.

Other than the aircon, I and the kids are all ready to move out; I still did not packed yet since I would just bring our clothes, washing machine, the computer table and the laptops with me. I hope the smart bro is available at the area or else I will have to go to Internet cafe to chat with Terry and to blog hop.

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  1. Hello Anne! moving is fun but very tiring… I hope the problem is fixed by now… take care! Pa house blessing ka, penge lechon hehehe

  2. Bakit naman kasi di yung installer naginstall ng aircon sana nalaman nya na di pala kasya hehehe.. sensya na sis, nawalan ako ng internet for a couple of days and I got busy here too.

  3. hello Ann,bon courage sa pagbalhin ninyo.Oo uli mi puhon sa May,excited nako makita ako pamilya.pasensya na ha dili na kaayo ko active sa blogging kana ra na-a ko work sa pu2.

    Ako raka send message if na-a nami sa davao kay basi diay magkita ta,ingna rako if ok sa imoha.

    Asa gani inyo dapit Ann??


  4. Wow, lilipat na kayo, sino pala ang kasama nyong mag iina dun? may helper ka ba? ang sarap ng naka bukod. good luck ha. sana mag work ang smartbro dyan sa new place nyo, kasi hassle ang mag internet cafe.

  5. ayay! excited ako sa inyong 3 mami….kakaloka naman si mamang installer…am sure it will get fix soon….:)

    looking forward to see your new abode!

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