Couples Corner: Why/How Do I Love Thee?

I am almost finish with what I was busy with this past few days, yes this has been a long week for me. Even though it’s tiring but I enjoyed it a lot, I will be moving out with the kids very soon not to my husband’s place yet, but with a different house.
Now, I am trying to relax and let my mind rest by posting something for my husband through the Couples Corner Meme. I thank God that Mommy Liz created this Meme, in that way I could tell how I appreciate Terry so much, with his unconditional love and understanding, I could ask for nothing more. Although there is one wish, I hope to be granted and I know you know what it is.

Ever since we knew each other, he has been and always be caring not only to me but to our kids as well. I am a stubborn wife, I admit that but his love never changes and he never raised his voice to me though I am bugging him all the time. He waited to me patiently if I dressed so slow or if I have to see other things in the mall, and he has to wait in the pizza parlor to tell me that it is ready.

Here’s one favorite message I got from him:

Your are my sunlight, the light of my life and the hope of my dreams

One of my favorite message sent from Terry in my phone Dated June 08, 2007

Now, tell me how you couldn’t love a man like him? Even there are certain things we sometimes argue, but with his love and cares, how could I not be feeling in love head over heels with him?

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