My Top 10 Droppers

Top 10 EC Droppers For The Month Of January

Whew! I think I am losing weight now because I’d been thinking so hard for the new house. Well, this was why I was so skinny during college and when I was still working, whenever there are pending works or projects I need to do, I could not get any sleep, most often than not, my insomnia attacks me during those time. Even though how I tried to blank my mind, I just could not do it unless I am done with those things.

Anyway, enough of my rantings of not getting enough sleep nowadays. This is my turn for pay back, to those who never fed up of dropping my EC widget, thank you very much with all my heart. I owe you a lot. I am sorry if I haven’t return your drops but I promise I will do it after I am settled here.

These are my hot droppers for the month of January.

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