PB Weekend # 13 : Dinner

Me with my order

My niece with a bunch of food in front of her


Yesterday right after we cleaned the house that we are going to rent, I and my niece Mariel went to the mall to buy a bed for Mj, all those stuff must be deliver on Friday to the house, on the day we will move in.

When we were able to choose what kind of bed should be for my eldest daughter, we went to the other mall to watch a movie. My brother in law gave us a free tickets for any movie we would like to watch, of course before that we took our dinner yet to Rai Rai Ken.

Mariel wanted the KFC but I love to eat at the Rai Rai Ken, she was persistent but when I asked her if she does have money, she can’t answer. Well I told her, if you don’t have the money then obey what I want. Lol


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