We Will Do Some Cleaning Today

We will be going out very soon to clean the new house at least before we move in, I already hired someone to install grills for the window but I am still looking for someone who can make a hole for my aircon. I hope the labor is not that much though because I have some things I needed to buy for the house, just like a bed for Mj, a two burner stove and a TV. I still have to look for an Internet provider for the house, it is either a smart bro or the one that my neighbor has.

I am so excited to move in but I am also nervous and worried, this is my first to live alone from my sister’s although this has my dream before to have our life with our own but I just can’t avoid the feeling of how things will go on with me and the kids. Wish me all the best guys!

One Response to “We Will Do Some Cleaning Today”

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