PB Weekend # 12 : Baby Christening

On Sunday, I was invited to be a Ninang for my friend newborn son; I brought sister Irenie, yanyan and Mj with me. So early in the morning, I told Mj to take a bath and prepare while I was working my online task.
Right after church, we headed to Mergrande Beach Resort for the venue, we had a big lunch there and the kids had fun with the games and the magician did a good job.

Mj and Me at the party

Kaegan Dale and Me

Sister Irenie and Kaegan

The Magician and MJ

Join us here!


11 thoughts on “PB Weekend # 12 : Baby Christening

  1. Welcome to the Christian world baby. Hey Anne, i was warned not to visit your site because you are infected with malware from naokoscooking.com. I proceeded anyway just to let you know, mwah!

    I am a bit late but I hope you can still take a peek on my PBW entry

  2. congrats sa pag ninang.. ang sweet naman ng mga photos..

    i hope makadaan ka din sa PBW post ko.. tenks!

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