PB Weekend # 11: Independent

This is my first entry for this Meme this month, I have been so lazy to join any meme, so I decided to put it behind yet I miss doing this stuff so much.

Anyway, Faith is becoming the independent little one now especially when she eats, she really tried so much to do it alone although we have to watch her close while doing it otherwise she would mess all the foods in the floor.

See, the messy food around her mouth?

Trying now

Ooppss look closely of the two spoon…

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16 Responses to “PB Weekend # 11: Independent”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Soon enough, she'll say "I wanna do it" to everything. Bili ka sis ng high chair or booster seat para kay Faith, kung di nga lang mahal ang shipping padala ko to sayong ginamit ng mga bata hehehe.

    Thanks for the constant visit, taking a break lang ako, am trying to finish up organizing our stuff today para back to normal na ako tomorrow but I doubt it, siguro aabutan pa ako ng two days nito.

  2. anne says:

    lol I understand you rose, take your time soon enough youll all the time in the world to visit us… happy monday to you

  3. judys424 says:

    There are moments when you would think you couldn't keep up, especially with such a precocious daughter 🙂 Just a little more and soon, she's really independent…Have a good week!

  4. anne says:

    yup i cant wait when she is really independent one hehehe

  5. r u s s says:

    Aww. She's such a cutie.
    I like watching kids learn and finally do what they've learned.Ü
    Russ' PBW Post ☮.♥.☆

  6. SASSY MOM says:

    It's so cute to look at kids trying to be independent. Soon, you'll see, she'll be so independent and you'll miss the baby in her.. So savor it!

    Pixelbug Weekend

  7. anne says:

    yeah I hope she really could do it herself and not create a mess lol

  8. anne says:

    your right sam, sometimes I am just so amazed of how she react for things lol

  9. Chris says:

    its great to see our kids becoming independent na… but it also reminds us how fast time can pass us by… 🙂

    my weekend post is up!

  10. Marice says:

    wow big girl na 🙂

  11. anne says:

    and it remind us that we're already getting old chris wahh hehehe

  12. anne says:

    yeah time is running so fast marce wahh

  13. anne says:

    thanks Jona

  14. Mom of Four says:

    Hehehe, wala akogn anak na nagpasubo, kaya ang dining room floor namin, laging namumulaklak ng pagkain. Lalo itong 2 girls ko, susme, wahhhh..laging nagkakalat ng pagkain. Gnayan ang mga batang independent, ayaw mo nun, di sila gaya ng mga rich kids na susme grade 1 na sinusubuan pa rin??

  15. anne says:

    ay girl eto ngang sister ko eh 5 years old na anak eh sinusubuan napaka independent as in talaga lalake pa naman lol