BOF At New Year

Recently, I was hooked to watched the Boys over Flower in the TV, I know I am kind’a late about this thing since this has been on the air sometimes on May and ended up I guess June or July, they just aired it back late December and I can’t help to have my eyes glued every scene that they had, so to fill the missing episodes, I searched it over in you tube and voila, they had it.

From 10:00 p.m., until dawn well at least I put down the computer to celebrate the New Year with my family, I haven’t done anything else but to watch this love sensation in the You Tube, I wasn’t even able to chat with my husband in the morning because I was really drain and so sleepy. I still did not finish it now; I hope I could finish it tonight.

2 Responses to “BOF At New Year”

  1. Joy-Anne says:

    have a blessed and prosperous new year!

  2. anne says:

    thanks Joy anne