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Wearing A Smile Again

I once posted here when my eldest daughter was injured by playing so hard at school, her two front teeth were broke and that the Dentist has to observe it for how many months, either she would make an operation through root canal or just fill it in, Mj doesn’t have any idea what root canal is about but she was determined to try it as long as that would fixed her teeth.
But when we arrived at the Dentist and she started to prepare the injection to put an anesthesia on her gums, she reacted against it and just told her Dentist not to dare to do it; she said she would rather have the teeth clean manually than to inject her gums. So since the teeth are still alright to fill in, she did not pursue the root canal or have it jacket instead she cleaned the affected teeth and fill it, now Mj goes back of wearing a happy smile while showing her teeth off.


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