She Threw Up

She was still so active this night, she kept on jumping in the bed or making faces around but later she was starting to cough, then she told me she wanted to pooh, I put her in the bowl then that was it, she choked and threw up all she ate at dinner. I put some Efficascent Oil on her tummy but right after I put the oil, she threw up again until sister Irenie came home, she was still throwing up.

I didn’t know what have gone wrong with Faith, she threw up 6 times until she only threw up a water, although she is drinking some water to replace what she had released, I was still worried, I have thought to bring her to the hospital, good thing she stopped in a while and fell asleep.

This time she is sleeping on her crib, it is almost 1:00 a.m., but I am still her awake, I keep on looking at her, she is sleeping so sound, praying she would be ok the next day.

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