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It Was So Wet Outside But Still

… I have to go out because I have to talk to Mj’s teacher regarding with the plan of celebrating her birthday in their classroom so I could inform the Jollibee in-charge of how many pack lunch should they bring and the program that have to set inside the classroom. I also added a cake, and a loot bags for the kids, I hope Mj will like this little surprised that Mommy set for her.

The rains poured so hard but I still have to go to downtown since I need to exchange Mj’s worksheets in Kumon so she had sheets to answer tonight, she still at her tutor now but she would be coming home soon, perhaps when she is done with her dinner she would start answering the worksheets.

I also dropped by to the Immigration office to ask something about the CRBA we really were confused about the Affidavit of Parentage, Physical Presence and Support, the part that was a bit confusing for us is the consular signature requirement, if we could fill up the form without the CO signature yet and go ahead, send the documents in USEM then call them for appointment. But geez when I asked for just assistance about it in the office I went to today would cost me $50.00 and that is about 2,000 pesos or more.

On my way home, it still rain so hard, is it really El Nino or La Nina today? Uhmm, I wonder, I wonder…

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