20 More

I dreamed of a many opportunities last night and I didn’t expect it would become true when I check my other paid site this morning. I thought I was just dreaming I cannot believe with the 20 or maybe more opp in front of me, my screen is bright and my sleepy eyes were bulging out.

I was laughing so hard asking my sister to pinch me if I was still dreaming. Darn it was not a dream and I am so thankful to GOD that I got a lot of opp today, gosh! I have to do it real quick so to meet the deadline. Goodnight folks and may you have more chances today too, so lucky I was and hope you are too!

4 Responses to “20 More”

  1. Joy-Anne says:

    wow sis! ang dami naman nyang writing opps mo. congrats! big blessing nga yan!

  2. anne says:

    oo nga joy anne eh as in

  3. gracia says:

    paki share naman saang sites yan… will you be my good samaritan?

  4. anne says:

    girl sa payu2 yun hehehe