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I Am Emotionally Tired

Yes, that is how I felt right now, I am emotionally tired of everything, I wanted to cry so hard and let my emotions out of my system so when I am done, I could not feel anything at all but numb. I am tired of thinking and I am tired of planning when you can’t do anything but to wait.

I am just so thankful though that somehow my kids fill up all the loneliness I felt right now, my kids have done a good job of making me so happy. So I guess I needed to be away in the blogging world or any online activities, my kids need me more than any thing. I must focus on them first and let the fate decides what kind of future that is store for us.


  • chubskulit

    Hang in there Anne, ganyan din ako dati. Good thing is that you have kids which I did not have when I was still there. You still have the malware thing in here hehehe..

  • Analuz

    try mo mag enroll sa gym baka makatulong at least my diversion ka. Meet new friends. Enjoy mag belly dancing, taeboo or just plain aero. Promise, gagaan feeling mo when you exercise regularly.

  • Anonymous

    parehas tayo, im emotionally tired in everything. hindi ko lang kayang e post dito kung ano talaga ang dahilan.. dont knw what to do..im afraid na baka malaman nila na hindi ako magtatagal d2 sa mundo…. i have so many plans in life which hindi ko magawa or ma achieve, but still hindi ako nawalan ng pag-asa, time will come makakamit ko rin at magiging masaya din ako na walang taong nanghuhusga sa akin.. 🙁

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