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A Greek Tale Continuation

Here’s the continuation from the story below….

“Agreed!” cried the suitors, and they eagerly lined up to test their strength.

One after the other struggled to bend the great bow. Then losing patience. each of the gallant nobles threw it down to the ground and strode away.

“Only a giant could bend that bow of iron!” they moaned.
“Perhaps the filthy old beggar would like to test his strength,” one mockingly yelled with a sneer.
At that, the beggar rose from his chair and went with halting steps to the head of the hall.
“You old fool!” the suitors howled in derision as the dirty traveler picked up the great bow.

Suddenly an amazing change came over the stranger. The decrepit traveler straightened his band and rose to his full height, and even in a beggar’s rags it was impossible not to notice that this weary traveler was every inch a king. Then, without effort, he bent the bow and strung it as everyone in the great hall looked in astonishment. The king had returned!

The suitors were speechless. Then, in sheer panic, they turned and fled for their lives, But the arrows of the king were swift and accurate, and not a one missed its target. There wasn’t a suitor who escaped the vengeance of the king that day.

Penelope ran to her hero, who was clothed in rags, and embraced him. Then, with the voice of an angel she said, “I have faithfully kept your kingdom, my noble king!” She tenderly presented him with a soft white linen roll. “I have spent years weaving this gift in hopes of your return. On the day I finished it, I was told to choose a husband.” Then, placing a tender kiss upon his soiled cheek, she said, “And I choose you.”


The tale just wanted to served a lesson for us that love is patient and mysterious. Finding one such real love may never be easy but when you search with honesty and the purity of your intention, the real love will show in front of you somehow.


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