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CC: He Made Me Really Angry

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My husband is a good man he is so kind in every way and so soft spoken, but there is one thing about him that makes me really irritated and angry. And that is he keep on delaying his flight, I guess some of you, knows that it’s either it was because of his work or his doctor advised him not to travel yet. Among those delayed flights, one incident, no, I guess there were two incidents that he told me he can’t fly yet because of some reasons and to make it worst he must come on time because there were occasions his presence was needed.

It was during Faith’s baptismal and we were schedule to have an interview but two days before the flight, his boss told him not to travel yet because he needs to attend a certain event. I was really mad that I didn’t talk to him and left him online, I went to the school and stayed there for hours, when I went home it was already 12:00 a.m., his time but he still waited for me although he needs to sleep at 9:00 p.m., because he has to wake up at 4:00 a.m., the next day. When I got back he immediately told me that he booked his flight three days before the schedule baptismal, so when he arrived we have to get to the church right away, without him having time to relax.

The second one was during our wedding, it was like few hours before his flight that there’s an emergency in the office, he needs to reprogram something and it would take him days to reprogram it. So I was like huh? I told him not to talk to me until he would resolve his issue and after I got help from a friend to settle our papers.

Well, I guess I love him that much, the reason why I keep on forgiving him, his shortcomings, I know I have some also but he is just patient enough to understand me. Well, Liz is right, nobody is perfect in this world, even how good the people are, they still have some characteristics that one of you dislike the most.


  • Mom of Four

    Naku sis Anne, eh naiintindihan ko ang galit mo, kahit yata ako magagalit, kahit pa sabihing hindi niya fault. Imagine mo, mga spcial events sa buhay nyo,tapos hindi siya makaka attend? Teri must be a very busy and important man in his job huh. Kapag nandito na kau sa US, mas maiintindihan mo na siya.
    Take care of those 2 princesses you have there, and have a great day to all!

  • Jenny

    Nakakaloka yan Anne ha.As in mga special events sa buhay mo or buhay niya an rin, pero wala siya becuase of some reasons…

    Parang important ang ibang bagay kesa sayo..hehehe but atleast ngayon alam mo na di ba…

    Happy cc…

  • Chie Wilks

    you had conflict of time and schedule lang sis…kaya he could not show up on time or by scheduled date…it is really irritating waiting for somebody na walang kasiguradaun…ung sa wedding parang trials lang un

  • texas_sweetie

    lucky you oi kay easy ra kau si danny.. basta tarong taw sabton jud ila asawa kay nahigugma man hehe.. sama sa ako bana gisabot nalang niya nga kusog kau ko mangutot bisan naa siya sa ako atubangan lolz.

  • shydub

    I think Anne you should buy your hubby a watch. Buti nalang napaka understanding ni misses. Kahit binyag ng anak, nahuhuli pa rin hehehe. You should buy him watch, planner, alarm clok hehehe just kidding.

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