House Hunting

Anxious To Look For A House To Stay

Last month, when I learned that my friend has transferred and separated a living from her parents, she told me about the good experience of living along with her kids. I envy her because she finally decided and rented a house for them.

While I am still struggling whether to rent or not, actually I really wanted to live separately from my sister and turn over this house to them, but I have so many qualifications for a house I would be renting, first and foremost, it should have an Internet access because I can’t live without it and it should be near at Mj’s school. I already saw one but I don’t think I can get Internet connection of that house since there were many tall trees around for a certain Internet provider and the DSL is not available yet on this area.

It is really hard to look for a house nowadays, I already browse it in the Internet but I can’t find any house that fits of what I want, how I wish I could just hire the Columbus Property Management Company and let them take care of looking for a shelter, my husband is arriving soon, if I could get a place for us, we would be saving a lot of money than staying in a hotel.

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